Nathalie Taylor

Staff Writer

“And then they said:

She must wear white

Cut her hair

Remove the bangles . . .

Adopt white! White,

  the colour white!”


“So reads a snippet of a poem by Pavan Varma, a poem which attempts to share with the world

the agony of widowhood in India.  It is a world out of balance, and Linda Mandrayar and Hannah Kirby

are taking on the challenge of restoring equilibrium.


The two Bonsall women are producing a film entitled, White Rainbow, and chronicles the journey of

a widow in present day India. “They are forced to wear white, but have the potential of a rainbow,”

said Linda.  The premise of the film is to illustrate that these women do not have to accept their fate—

and can emerge victorious.


Linda’s husband, Dharan, is writing the screenplay based on several true stories.  Filming will commence

in the fall, with a target date of March. (In time for the Cannes Film Festival).


Since the filmmakers are independent, they need to raise the money for the feature themselves.

“We want to keep it local, and are hosting some fundraising teas in the Bonsall area,” said Linda. 

“We aren’t going the traditional Hollywood route.”   White Rainbow is a juxtaposition of terms: l

ow budget and high-impact…”