It is a fact that when the seven colours of light combine, white light is formed. 

But in India, white has a different connotation, when a woman is forced to wear it. 

Then it no longer signifies the collage of colours that may epitomise her spirit 

but voids that purport to her worthlessness.

This might seem a take from the past, but director Dharan Mandrayar begs to differ. 

In his second film, White Rainbows screened recently at Hotel Ashok’s Banquet Hall, 

he presents the stark reality: "Even today, many widows are being ill-treated. At times 

even family members aunwilling to accept widows. Our film is based on real incidents 

and research conducted by the Guild of Service, an organisation devoted to the upliftment 

of widows", he said. Mandrayar blames ignorance for this.

Dr. V Mohini Giri from the guild believes that it is easy to suppress the marginalised sections. 

Either way it is embarrassing felt Former Prime Minister I.K.Gujral: "It’s a touching film.

" Nandita Das thought we should do something for ‘widows who are oppressed.

Mandrayar wants to take the film all over the world. And afterwards, he plans to 

do something light-hearted, like Ele My Friend, his first film.




Quick Facts 


• According to the 1991 census there were 33 million widows in India 

• In the age group over 60 years, 64% widows have a pension of only Rs 100-500 

• There are around 16,000 widows in Vrindavan alone. 


The Guild of Service, an NGO, has been trying to help some of them.